5,000 PSI Purity Gaseous Nitrogen Generator

Hydraulic International, Inc. (HII) was awarded a Contract to supply up to 300 Units of High Purity Self Generating Nitrogen Servicing Carts (HPSGNSC), NSN: 3655-01-545-4410 and 3655-01-545-2483 worth   Total Estimated Amount of $42,351,675.00. These units are self-contained, towable, high purity carts that produce gaseous nitrogen at a 99.5% purity level, a pressure of 5000 psi, and high flow of not less than 30 Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM)  in both diesel and electric power configurations, with oil free design compressors and pressure boosters.

See Solicitation Number: FA8533-12-R-30143 (US Air Force)



High Pressure Nitrogen Generator


Military & Commercial Aircraft

5,000 PSI Purity Gaseous Nitrogen Generator

MRO Facility

Air Forces & Airlines

5,000 PSI Purity Gaseous Nitrogen Generator

Oil & Gas Industry

5,000 PSI Purity Gaseous Nitrogen Generator

5,000 PSI Purity Gaseous Nitrogen Generator

Offshore & Petrochemical Industry

Nitrogen Self Generator

High Purity Nitrogen Applications

  • In Food and beverage industries, nitrogen is applied to flood the products with Nitrogen that takes out the oxygen and prolongs the product lifetime and freshness significantly because these organisms cannot develop. Furthermore, chemical degradation of food caused by oxidation can be eliminated or stopped.
  • Analytical chemistry for Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry and Gas Chromatography where a stable inert and continuous supply of Nitrogen is necessary.
  • Aerospace & Motor Industries for charging of tires, aircraft accumulators, struts etc.
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries for the provision of inert environment aimed at ensuring general industrial safety during cleaning and protection of process vessels. Nitrogen is also used for pipelines pressure testing, chemical agents transportation, and regeneration of used catalysts in technological processes.
  • Electronics industry, in which Nitrogen serves as an antioxidant in the manufacturing of semi-conductors and electric circuits, heat treatment of finished products, as well as in blowing and cleaning.
  • Glass industry, where nitrogen proves efficient and cost effective way as a cooling agent for bow oven electrodes, oxidation inhibitor during process procedures, as well as air cooler.
  • Metallurgy utilizes nitrogen as a method of protecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals during annealing. Besides, nitrogen is very helpful in such standard industry processes as neutral tempering, cementing, hard brazing, stress relieving, cyanide hardening, metal-powder sintering and extrusion die cooling.
  • Paint-and-varnish industry uses nitrogen for the creation of an inert environment in process vessels to ensure safety, as well as for oxygen displacement during packing in order to prevent polymerization of drying oils.
  • Petroleum industry, where nitrogen is used to create an inert environment for preventing explosions and for improving fire safety, to support transportation and transfer of hydrocarbons. Furthermore, nitrogen is used for pipelines testing and purging, cleaning technological vessels and cleaning liquefied gas carriers and hydrocarbon storage facilities.
  • Pharmaceutical industry, where nitrogen finds many applications in pharmaceuticals packaging, to ensuring against explosion, improving fire safety in activities where fine dispersed substances are used.
  • Hypoxic air fire prevention system to produce air with a low oxygen and high nitrogen content.

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