Helicopter Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulics International, Inc. (HII) has over 40 years history of cutting edge aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) ingenuity and new product technology innovation. HII is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of both military and commercial aircraft ground support equipment (GSE), especially in the supply of our new generation Hydraulic Test Equipment, which will keep hydraulic system in aircraft, helicopter, aircraft hydraulic flight components, hoses, pipes, tubing, valves, valve actuation etc. operating safely and effectively. Our Hydraulic Test Equipment are also robustly designed to provide diagnostic instrumentation for innovative testing, self-calibration, maintaining, servicing and troubleshooting of hydraulic equipment, components & system under testing.  HII is the preferred Provider of our new generation Portable Hydraulic Test Stands, Stationary Hydraulic Test Benches etc. to the military & commercial aerospace industry.

Helicopter Tripod Jack

Helicopter Hydraulic Jack

Part No. CJ69J1270, 12-Ton Hydraulic Tripod Jack

The Helicopter Hydraulic Jack is a portable self-contained unit with a manually operated pump. The lift consists of three rams and an extension screw all encased within an outer cylinder which is integrated with the base. A cylindrical reservoir is attached to the base and contains the operating fluid.

Helicopter Hydraulic Jack

The Jack provides the means for lifting loads up to 12 tons (24,000 pounds). At a maximum allowable load of 13 tons (26,000 pounds) the operating fluid is by-passed within the Jack by an automatic valve and the Jack will not continue to lift.


Rated Load

Maximum Allowable Load

24,000 lb.

26,000 lb.

Operating Fluid Specifications:
Above -28.89°C (-20°F) MIL-O-5606
Below -28.89°C (-20°F) MIL-H-81019
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 1.6 Gallon
Pump Handle Length 18 in.
Hydraulic Rise 23 in.
Extension Screw Lift (fully extended) 6 in.
Height of Rams (collapsed) 14 in.
Height Overall
Collapsed 14 in.
Fully Extended 43 in.
Total Weight 250 lb.

ABOUT Hydraulics International, Inc.

ABOUT Hydraulics International, Inc.

                            —Hydraulics International, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of both military and commercial aircraft ground support equipment (GSE).

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