ELCS PAO Servicing Unit (EPSU)

The Electronic Liquid Cooling System (ELCS) PAO Service Unit P/N 122081-100, hereafter referred to as the EPSU,
maintains the operational readiness of the aircraft ELCS unit. It is intended to be used at land-based aviation facilities, as well as shipboard, as part of both unscheduled and scheduled maintenance. The EPSU connects to the aircraft ELCS via the quick disconnects (QD) located at the rear of the unit. The EPSU is mounted on a towable and steerable four-wheeled chassis and is powered by facility 60Hz power.
INTENDED USE. The EPSU is intended to perform the following system functions:
• Fill the EPSU reservoir with PAO fluid
• Decontaminate the system PAO fluid
• Dehydrate the PAO fluid contents
• Degas (or bleed air) PAO fluid
• Drain the ELCS system
• Drain the EPSU reservoir
• Fill the ELCS system

P/N: 122081-100
NSN: 4920-01-617-4687
Electronic Liquid Cooling System (ELCS)
ELCS PAO Servicing Unit (EPSU)

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