1) We are committed to provide products (aircraft ground support equipment) and services which consistently meet or exceed the contractual demands and expectations of our customers.

2) HII completed its AS9100 registration effective October 2008. HII had previously been certified to the ISO9001:2000 standard – the AS9100 certification is recognized as including all aspects of the ISO 9001 certification as well.

3) Our ISO9001:2000 Quality Assurance System was assessed and approved by DCMA, DOD and found to be compliant.

4) HII currently has a 100% quality rating with Boeing (removal of final inspection requirements).

5) Approved by Lockheed-Martin Aerospace for reliability assurance per NHB 5300.4 (1C) under NASA projects.

6) Our quality assurance is approved by aerospace companies such as Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, General Dynamics, and Raytheon.

HII AS9100 (1) HII AS9100 (2)











AS9100:2009 – Design and Manufacture Certification (Since 2008)

ISO 9001 – Quality System Qualification (since 12/2000)

Award for THAAD Missile Launcher (2000)


        Certificate of Authorization for ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (06/1988)

Award of Excellence for F-35 25mm Loader (2015)

Award of Excellence in Recognition of Outstanding Support of Northrop (1998)

Supplier Award of Excellence for Outstanding Support of Northrop Corporation Programs (1992)

Outstanding Support for the B-2 Integrated Test System (09/1991)

      Preferred Supplier for Excellence in Product Performance (07/1999)

ISO 9000 Compliance –Quality System Evaluation, Process Control and Business Processes with Commitment to Continuous Improvement and Customer Satisfaction (07/1999)

Gulfstream Quality System Approval (06/2006)

   Outstanding Team Member (01/1993)

                            Certificate of Acceptance – Statistical Process Control System Approval

Small Business Award of the Year (2010)

Best Value Bronze Medalist (2005)

Best Value Medalist for Support of DoD Weapon System (1995)

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