Air Operate Liquid Pumps

HII Pumps is a designer and manufacturer of a wide range of air driven liquid pumps, air driven gas boosters, air driven air pressure amplifiers; electric gas boosters, high-pressure valves and components.  We offer standard products and custom configurations. Pneumatic Driven Liquid Pumps / Pneumatic & Electric Driven Gas Boosters / Air Amplifier Systems / Pneumatic & Electric Driven Nitrogen & Oxygen & Hydrogen & Helium & Argon & Carbon Dioxide & Mixed Gas Systems / Hydrostatic Test Pumps / High Pressure Components & Valves.

Air Operate Liquid Pumps

Air Operate Liquid Pumps

Air Operated Liquid Pumps

Air Driven Liquid Pumps

Air Driven High Pressure Liquid Pumps

Liquid Pumps

Pneumatic Air Operated Liquid Pumps

Air Drive Liquid Pumps

Gas Operate Liquid Pumps

Air Operate Liquid Pumps

Gas Driven Liquid Pumps

Established in 1976
World leading designer and manufacturer of support equipment ingenuity and new product technology innovation in:
• The Defense/Aviation/Commercial Ground and Engineering Support Equipment Systems
• Pneumatic Driven Liquid Pumps, Gas Boosters and Air Pressure Air Amplifiers
• Flow Metering, Analyzing and Totalizing Systems

HII Pumps Asia
Manufactures every major component at its Chatsworth, CA USA facilities with over 690,000 square-feet of space
Total self-sufficiency in the design and manufacture of complete systems to components:
• 95% of our products are produced in-house, eliminating dependency on outside sources
• Ensures faster response to engineering & design problems
• Ensures control over quality assurance

No Compromise on Quality or Performance.
ISO 9001: 2008 & AS9100: 2009

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