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Aerospace Flowmeter Aircraft

Flow Meters in Aerospace and Aviation Industry

Flowmetrics, Inc. is proud to be the preferred supplier of flow meter products and calibration services to many of the greatest businesses in the Aviation and Aerospace industries. We provide our flow meter products and services to both private entities and governments around the world in a variety of applications. The following is a collection of some of our most notable customers in these fields and the specific Flowmetrics products and services they currently use:

The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) currently operates a wide range of Flowmetrics products in several different applications. For example, they employ the Flowmetrics positive displacement flow meter with the 915-BATRT Field Indicator in the explosion-proof housing to measure the flow of dinitrogen tetroxide (rocket propellant) at the Kennedy Space Center. NASA also operates the FM Series turbine flow meter with the Digipulse RF pickup to measure the flow of Paratherm CR heat transfer fluid at the Goddard Space Flight Center. Furthermore, NASA employs FM Series turbine flow meters with MAG Pickups and built-in amplifiers to measure the flow of an ethylene glycol and water mixture at the Langley Research Center. These are just a few examples of the many uses for Flowmetrics flow meter products at NASA facilities nationwide.

Honeywell Inc. operating the Flowmetrics variable area flow meters (Rotameters) 2000 Series calibrated to monitor the flow of DTE circulatory oils for use in turbine systems. Honeywell also utilizes Flowmetrics calibration and repair services for Variable Area flow meters (Rotameters) and other flow meter products.

EVA Airways Corp is currently operating Flowmetrics FM series turbine flow meters calibrated to monitor air flow with the 924-ST2 Multi-function Flow Computer. They also operate the variable area flow meters (Rotameter) 2000 Series calibrated to measure the flow of oxygen gas. EVA Air also relies on Flowmetrics calibration and repair services for these and other flow meter products.

Air India utilizes Flowmetrics calibration and repair services for variable area flow meters (rotameters) and other flow meter products including Aerospace Flowmeter Aircraft.

Flow Measuring DevicesWe have earned an outstanding reputation with over 8,000 successful flow meter installations in the US and around the world. We are located in Chatsworth, California in a modern 80,000 square foot facility. Design, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance of our flow meters are performed in this facility, providing immediate shipment of standard products. Products which require special calibration are typically shipped within two to three weeks. Contact Flowmetrics Customer Service or your local Representative.

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A flowmeter is a measuring instrument that measures the amount of liquid, gas, steam, powder, or a mixture of these substances flowing through a pipe or ditch. Various measurement methods are available depending on the purpose of measurement, the type and condition of the fluid, and the measurement conditions such as the measurement location.

Flowmetrics is dedicated to providing the highest quality flow meter products and services in a timely manner. Our professional staff is dedicated to working with you to provide solutions for your flow meter needs by providing cutting edge technology in an affordable and reliable package.

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