Aircraft Ground Power Unit

GPU Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft Ground Power Unit

Aircraft 60 KVA Ground Power Unit (GPU)

Aircraft Ground Power Unit

Diesel Engine Driven

60 KVA GPU Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

60 KVA Aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU)

Model: GPU-D-60KVA-28VDC-300, NSN: 2815-01-597-1322

60 kVA, 115/200 VAC, 400 HZ, 3-phase, 28 VDC, 300 Amp continuous

Compact, Deployable, Reliable for present and future aircraft

Hydraulics International, Inc. (HII) designs and manufactures Aircraft Ground Power Unit, 60KVA GPU & 90 KVA GPU diesel generated AC 400HZ and 28 VDC power units built for rugged military demand and environment with high performance. The system configuration is based on the most reliable and suitable state-of- the-art control and monitor technology with ease of operation and diagnostics in mind. The system is easy to operate, intuitive with an interactive data display and requires very low maintenance.  The HII GPU provides the user with required maintenance power, automated built-in and diagnostic test features. The Cummins QSB 4.5, 155 HP, Tier III engine is quiet and efficient combined with a 400HZ generator with superior regulation.


  • Low emission by using a diesel engine that meets the EPA TIER III requirements
  • Multi-fuel engine operates with all DF-1, DF-2,JP-4, JP- 5 and JP-8
    • Low profile and narrow structure provides better air transportability, can be forklifted or sling loaded
    • Heat exchanger and cooling system for the engine and electrical/electronic system is designed for high ambient temperature
    • Low noise emission
    • Large stainless steel fuel tank for long hours of operation
      • Lift-off doors all around the unit provide full and easy access for inspection and maintenance.
      • AC generator is brushless synchronous type alternating current and is equipped with an automatic solid state voltage regulator
      • Superior frequency regulation via electronic controlled engine governor system
      • This GPU incorporates a state-of-the-art computer technology to provide friendly user interface control, monitoring and diagnostic.



Rating: AC   Output 60 kVA, 400   HZ, 3 phase, 4 wire,   115/200 VAC continuous
DC Output 28 VDC, 300   Amp continuous, 1000   Amp peak for 30   seconds
Overload 125% rated load   for 5 minutes and 150%   rated load for 30 seconds
Voltage 1.0% harmonic maximum
Regulation 0.5% voltage regulation
Frequency ± 2 Hz   steady rate regulation and 1 Hz   modulation
Protection Indicate alarm and/or   turn off output contactor for   Under-voltage/Over-voltage, Under- frequency/Over-frequency, according to   MIL-STD-704F
Operating   Conditions  
Ambient temperature range -40oF   to +120oF
Altitude Sea level   to 10000 feet
Relative humidity 0% to   100%
GPU operating position Up to 8 1/2° from   horizontal
Overall Physical Characteristics  
Size Height:   58”, width: 52” and length: 110”
Wet weight 4000 lbs approximately
Brakes Drum type brake,   hand operated
Road clearance 8 inches
Tow speed 20 mph   max over improved   roads
Steering angle 40°
Drive unit  
Engine 156 HP, electronic   controlled, turbo   charged, after-cooled engine, four   cylinder,   direct injection,
Battery 24 VDC, two 12   VDC, free maintenance dry gel   type
Safety Features Low fuel   shutoff, low oil pressure   shutoff, high coolant temperature shutoff, electronic governor system   and speed limiting protection
Cold temperature Automatic   engine intake heater for cold   temperature operation


90 KVA Aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU)

Model: GPU-D-90KVA-28VDC-600

90 kVA, 115/200 VAC, 400 HZ, 3-phase, 28 VDC, 600 Amp continuous

Compact, Deployable, Reliable for present and future aircraft


Aircraft Ground Power Supply


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