Aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU)

Hydraulics International, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of both military and commercial aircraft ground support equipment (GSE).  (HII) has over 40 years history of cutting edge aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) ingenuity  and new product technology innovation in three main business units:

1) Defense/Aviation/Commercial Ground and Engineering Support Equipment Systems (GSE).

2) Pneumatic Driven Liquid Pumps / Pneumatic & Electric Driven Gas Boosters / Air Amplifier Systems / Pneumatic & Electric Driven Nitrogen & Oxygen & Hydrogen & Helium & Argon & Carbon Dioxide & Mixed Gas Systems / Hydrostatic Test Pumps / High Pressure Components & Valves

                                                                                               3) Flow Metering / Analyzing / Totalizing Systems.

Hydraulics International, Inc. designs and manufactures 60 KVA & 90KVA diesel generated AC 400HZ and 28 VDC power units built for rugged military demand and environment with high performance. The system configuration is based on the most reliable and suitable state-of- the-art touch panel control and monitor technology with ease of operation and diagnostics in mind. The system is easy to operate, intuitive with an interactive data display and requires very low maintenance. The HII GPU provides the user with required maintenance power, automated built-in and diagnostic test features. The Cummins QSB 4.5, 165 HP, Tier III engine is quiet and efficient combined with a 400HZ generator with superior regulation.

Aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU)


Aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU)

60 KVA Ground Power Unit

Aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU)

90 KVA & 28 VDC GPU


90 KVA Ground Power Unit

Hydraulics International, Inc.  is one of the few companies having total self- sufficiency in design and manufacture of the systems and component required for its’ business units and aircraft GSE. On- going research and development in all areas has improved operation, quality, and functionality of the business unit products, systems and aircraft GSE.

HII Group Asia

Incorporated on 21st January 1976

M A J O R  M I L E S T O N E S:

• 1978: —Hydraulics International, Inc.  acquires the Hydraulic System Division of Greer Hydraulics. Since the 1940s, Greer designed and manufactured more Test Stands and aircraft GSE than all the competition combined.

•  1990: —Hydraulics International, Inc.  introduces the first generation of automated programmable logic controller (PLC) based test stands.

•  1994: —Hydraulics International, Inc. acquires Flowmetrics, Inc. This acquisition provides HII with a broad line of custom engineered flow measurement devices for most liquids and gases.

• 1995: —Hydraulics International, Inc.  establishes the Air Driven Products Group, offering a wide range of liquid pumps, oil-free gas boosters, air pressure amplifiers, and related high pressure controls.

• 1999:   —Hydraulics International, Inc. becomes the leading manufacturer of aircraft GSE including military aviation armament support products when awarded contracts for next generation Ammunition Loading and Handling Systems.


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