Turbine Flowmeter

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A flowmeter is a measuring instrument that measures the amount of liquid, gas, steam, powder, or a mixture of these substances flowing through a pipe or ditch. Various measurement methods are available depending on the purpose of measurement, the type and condition of the fluid, and the measurement conditions such as the measurement location.

Turbine Flowmeter


Oil Gas Flowmeters

Aerospace and Automobile fuel consumptions

Natural Gas in industrial applications


High-temperature, High-pressure, and High Shock

Ultra-pure water in pharmaceuticals


Batching, Mixing, and Hygenic

Custody transfer



Exceptionally reliable digital outputs.

Used for a variety of liquid and gas flow sensing applications.

Sizes available for 1/2 inch to 12 inches

Offers high turn-down with minimum uncertainty and very repeatable output.

Ideal for fluids with viscosities of 500 cst or less for 2 inch and larger flowmeters

Ideal for fluids with viscosities of 200 cst for smaller than 2 inch flowmeters.

Quick response time

Low rotor inertia

Suitable for measuring fluctuating flows

Requires digital readout for pulsating flows

Flowmeter Offshore Oil Gas Industry

Flow meters In Pharmaceutical & Food Industry

Flowmetrics, Inc. is proud to be the preferred supplier of flow meters and calibration services to many of the greatest organizations in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The following is a collection of some of our most notable customers in these markets and the specific Flowmetrics products and services they currently use:

Amgen currently runs the Flowmetrics FM series turbine flow meter with the 115-24 signal conditioner power supply and the Digi-pulse RF pickup which is calibrated to measure the flow of water. They also employ the Flowmetrics FMT series tangential turbine flow meter with the 915-BATRT field Indicator and the Tri-Clover Sanitary connectors. These flow meters are also calibrated to measure the flow of water in different systems throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Baxter International currently operates the Flowmetrics 2000 series variable Area flow meter (Rotameter) with the Tri-Clover sanitary connectors which is calibrated to measure the flow of alcohol through systems at their pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. They also rely on Flowmetrics calibration and repair services for these and other flow meter products.

Abbot Laboratories currently uses the Flowmetrics FM series turbine flow meter with the PA1001A signal conditioner and converter in weatherproof housing which is calibrated to measure the flow of air and hydrogen peroxide vapor at their pharmaceutical facilities.

Riviana Foods currently trusts Flowmetrics with the calibration and repair of their variable area flow meters and other flow meter products.

Flow Meter Indicator Computer Totalizer Ratemeter


The Flowmetrics Tangential turbine flowmeter is a unique   volumetric device. This uses a dual orifice design to direct a stream of fluid   tangent to a low mass/balanced rotor and a precision bearing to provide maximum   sensitivity.

Exceptionally reliable digital outputs. Used for a variety of liquid and gas flow sensing applications

Well suited to meet a variety of process media

Capable of measuring extremely low flow rates

(.001 GPM  liquids and .001 ACFM in gases)

High output and low drag magnetic pickoffs

Zero drag modulated carrier pickoffs

Bearing to suit specialized applications

NIST traceable calibration

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