88043-100 Hydraulic Test Stand

Hydraulics International Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of both military & commercial aircraft ground support equipment (GSE). We have been recognized as one of the largest defense ground support equipment technology companies in the world. We hold leading market positions in ammunition loading systems, aircraft aerial munitions lift trucks, aircraft hydraulic system testing, aircraft cabin pressure testing, power systems, environmental control systems, military trailers, high pressure gas & liquid systems, flow measuring equipment, & integrated logistics & support services.

As the legacy hydraulic test stands such as MJ-2A, MK-3A, TTU-228-1A&B, AM27T-2A and 88043-100 (NSN: 4920-01-279-4762) in the US inventory with old technology are aging over 30 years, United States Air Force (USAF) has contracted Hydraulics International, Inc. to design and develop the new generation of Hydraulic Test stands with the latest state of the art features and components.
These Universal Hydraulic Test Stands (UHTS) have been qualified to the most rigorous military requirement testings such as environmental, Electro Magnetic Interference, Mobility, reliability, maintainability, etc.
Some of the new features are TIER III multi-fuel engine, fully military qualified hydraulic purification system, system diagnostic, built-in test system and Human Machine Interface touch screen operator panel.

Universal Hydraulic Test Stands
Universal Hydraulic Test Carts

F-16 including T-50, F-4, F-5, F-18, C-130, C-17, C-5, MiG29, Su-30, A400M, F-2A, F-2B, F-CK-1, Rafael, Gripen, Hawk, Eurofighter, Transport Aircraft & Helicopter etc

HII ‘s new generation of Universal Hydraulic Test Stand (UHTS) with the latest state-of-the-art features and components. UHTS utilizes a high resolution LCD Display HMI (Human Machine Interface) with resistive touch screen for operation and monitoring of UHTS System and functions. HII is currently on Contract with USAF to build UHTS.  Accepted in-service by USAF for supporting their F-16 and can be used to support any transport or fighter aircraft or helicopter in their inventory.

Universal Hydraulic Test Stands

USAF Acquisition Program for UHTS:  https://govtribe.com/contract/idv/fa853311d0001

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Universal Hydraulic Test Stands

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Universal Helicopter Hydraulic Test Equipment
Universal Aircraft Hydraulic Purifier Test Stands

Fluid contamination can be devastating to an aircraft, causing flight problems, safety issues, damage to expensive components and unscheduled aircraft downtime.

USAF Hydraulic Purification Articles: 


UHTS comes with an integral   built Hydraulic Purification System (HPS) that provides continuous cooling, filtering moisture and to remove hydraulic fluid particulates, water, chlorinated solvents, absorbed air & gases removal from hydraulic fluid. Keeping hydraulic fluid clean and eliminates the need of changing hydraulic fluid for a long period of time. HPS work in a very cost-effective way to minimize hydraulic fluid usage, minimize hazardous waste disposal needs, reduce deployment foot print and sharply reduce hydraulic maintenance and associated costs.

Purification Performance

1)   Contaminant   removal: 55 gallon of hydraulic fluid in 5 hours.

2) Water: From   1000 to less than 200 PPM.

3)  Chlorinated   solvents:  From 400 to less than 100 PPM.

4)  Air   & Gas: 100% dissolved air removal, 98% (by   volume) removal.

5)  Particulate:  Cleanliness level equal to or better than   NAS 1638 class 3.

These UHTS are for replacing old or aging MK-3A or MJ-2A or other old OEM Models, which are also being operated by air force worldwide for supporting their F-16.

Hydraulic Purification System (HPS) is integral built in UHTS to provide following:

UHTS or F-35 HTS is a (2-in-1) Unit


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